With each passing year, the themes of transformation, innovation and agility in organizations are gaining more space.

In this scenario, executives must accelerate the understanding and diagnosis of their company’s context, so that they can coherently define action plans, setting pace for the transformation agility, and generating value for the organization.

Linco’s Executive Search service offers customized support for each project and company, which relies on our capacity, methodology and tools to interpret the factors mentioned above, thus increasing assertiveness and agility in the executive search and selection process.

In addition to this consultative approach, Linco understands that the executives’ first months dictate their degree of success in the organization. Thus, we also offer Executive Onboarding intelligence, helping executives in their first 100 days in the role.

Linco Differentials

  • Specific Knowledge In each Segment

  • Tools for Behavioral Assessment

  • Analysis, Diagnosis and Position Assessment

  • Organizational and Cultural Diagnostic Tools

  • Agile Methodology

  • Strategic Hunting

Process Steps

Striving for a consultative approach, we structure the process through an in-depth diagnosis of the organization and the position, thus defining the best project strategy.

Diagnosis and Assessment

    • Role Alignment / Job description

    • Cultural Assessment with Customized Tools

    • Analysis of Leadership Competencies

    • Consultancy about Market Segments, Trends and Competitors

Mapping and Selection

    • Execution of the Search / Mapping Strategy

    • Hunting

    • Technical and Competency Interview

    • Status Checkpoint and Process Analysis

    • Candidate Analysis Material

Final Conduction

    • Finalist Assessment

    • Professional References of Finalist Candidates

Transition and Adaptation

    • Monitoring the Hired Candidate's Transition Process

    • Executive Transition Advisory for the recruited professional